• Node.js
  • MongoDB
  • Drupal
  • Javascript
  • HTML5
  • Responsive
  • CSS3
  • Socket.io
  • Mobile Web
  • D3.js
  • iOS
  • Cortexa
  • CXDB
  • C#
  • Bootstrap
  • Dojo
  • PHP
  • SVG
  • Symfony
  • PhoneGap
  • Raspberry Pi
  • OMAP4
  • Home Automation
  • Embedded Linux
  • multistrap
  • QEMU
  • Java
  • C++
  • STL
  • Boost
  • V8
  • SpiderMonkey
  • VB
  • PhantomJS
  • Z-Wave
  • Insteon
  • RDF
  • OWL
  • 4Store
  • Jena

We are a small but remarkable band of professional developers and designers, delivering diverse projects to clients across North America, in web, mobile, and embedded systems.

For over 15 years , we have been building practical systems with dynamic, ontology driven data architectures, rich real-time web interfaces, and NoSQL data stores. View our portfolio for a few examples of our diverse accomplishments.

  • Responsive, real-time, mobile web applications in node.js and Meteor
  • Embedded linux development in OMAP4 and Raspberry Pi
  • Drupal CMS development
  • Data visualization with SVG and D3.js
  • CSS3 Animations, transitions, and parallax effects
Rosetta Stone

Rosetta Stone

The competition for top employees is increasing every day, and industry-leader Rosetta Stone is determined to stay on top. Working with their User Experience designers, we built a web portal that centralizes all information about a candidate’s visit to Rosetta Stone and presents it in a beautiful, mobile-friendly interface.

Built in Ruby on Rails, the site includes both the candidate front end and an easy-to-use admin interface where managers can customize each candidate’s page, including location, contact person, and visit itinerary.



In an age of large-scale data breaches, corporate espionage, and internal leaks, Mach 1 Development recognized the need for a tool to prevent corporate data loss. DocuTRACER® uses a complex system for tagging and monitoring files that gives administrators not only increased security, but also access to analytic information about document handoffs, edits, and other actions.


Allerton Public Library

The Allerton Public Library recently digitized a treasure trove of periodicals dating back as far as 1865. To make this collection accessible to the public, the library needed a tool that could rapidly search through the more than 2,000 documents uploaded into the system.

Designed by Studio2D and built in node.js, the Allerton Public Library Digital Archives extracts the text from each periodical and uses MongoDB to generate advanced full text indices. This means that, despite the massive amount of content, the search engine is lightning fast. The application also includes an intuitive administration interface so that the librarians can add new documents with no more effort than uploading a single file.

BVB Windows

BVB Windows

For this collaboration, 2wav and Studio 2D teamed up with Marketing by the Numbers to build bvbwindows.com, a stunning marketing site in a responsive, mobile-friendly single page web application. With eye-catching visuals and innovative tiled navigation, bvbwindows.com is unique in the window and door industry, actively engaging and encouraging visitors to contact a sales associate or visit the Bacon's Windows & Doors showrooms.



IN®ID is another collaboration with Mach 1 Development. It presents a secure web dashboard where administrators can track the movement of RFID chips in a variety of settings. Incorporating a complex analytic suite and extensive historical data, IN®ID helps illuminate patterns of movement or interaction that could otherwise have been missed. Additionally, the included API integrates with a number of third-party applications, including corrections, health care, or events.

Stradjectives™ PAL

Stradjectives™ for Public Art League

Stradjectives™ for Public Art League is a guide, a game, a poll and a new kind of social media, helping our community to find and share impressions of the beautiful art provided by the Public Art League. Developed by Studio 2D and 2wav, this mobile site is a buzzword frenzy; built with Meteor framework, S4PAL is responsive, location aware, and allows real time interaction for art lovers in our community.



We have worked with Studio 2D to create this iPad adaptation of Stradjectives™, a design strategy tool by Gretchen Wieshuber.

Now available in the iTunes App Store.


Women's Health Practice

The healthcare industry has undergone a sea change, and Women's Health Practice is adapting. Long known as the premier independent health practice for women in Champaign-Urbana, WHP's goal is to lead in all areas of patient care, research, technology, and education. Dr. Suzanne Trupin asked Studio 2D to design a modern website that would help new patients and current ones get quick information. The responsive design uses inviting colors and a simplified site map. The new site is supporting a marketing effort to spread the word that there is an alternative to institutionalized medicine.



We are architects and primary developers of the Cortexa building automation system, targeting residential, commercial, hospitality and MDU markets. The Cortexa project addresses every aspect of a consumer electronics product: a web portal, support for multiple hardware architectures, live video camera support, user interfaces for mobile browsers, desktop browsers, iOS and Flash as well as in-field software updates with automatic disaster recovery.

For the technically inclined, there are many unique solutions of note. CXDB is a proprietary NoSQL database, ontology, and server-side Javascript API. CXDB includes Javascript powered "drivers" that connects Cortexa with external systems, including Z-Wave, Insteon, DSC and HAI security, Weather, Somfi shades, TED energy monitors, and many more. Cortexa builds on Ubuntu linux with multistrap and QEMU, forn Intel, ARM OMAP4, and Raspberry Pi hardware. Our latest user interface, called Topaz, is a responsive, mobile-friendly HTML5 client, with real time data streams via the socket.io library. Live Motion JPEG cameras are proxied through Cortexa, and recorded in many formats using the ffmepg library.


MedWorld-M™ Config Engine

MedWorld-M™ is an emergency medical training game being developed by Critical Mass Interactive.

Currently in a proof-of-concept stage for the U.S. Military, we contributed an ontologydriven backend configuration system, exploring the use of Semantic Web Ontology in game world data models.


RadSentry™ User Interface

We developed a mobile HTML5 interface for the Protect-US RadSentry™ system, a networked, distributed rapid-deployment system for detecting radiological and chemical weapons.

Our interface shows in real time, the location, status, and radiation spectra for a network of detectors.



Software architect, team leader, code craftsman—my computing career began at age 14, and has touched on most major themes in modern computing over the course of three decades. I have delivered projects in military intelligence, video processing, eCommerce, mapping, and mobile computing. My years as entrepreneur, employer, and consultant have honed my instincts and understanding of stakeholders' needs. In my occasional time away from software, you will find me outdoors: whitewater kayaking, rock climbing, and running mountain marathons.


project lead

My initial experience was developing 3D games in DirectX/OpenGL and I specialized in graphics and advanced shader systems along with artificial intelligence. Over the past 3 years I've focused on mobile platforms ranging from the iPhone/iPad to ARM boards, as well as database management and web design. I've also worked on mobile game development on both the iOS and Android systems.


senior developer

I am interested in software craftsmanship, TDD, building information systems on the web and exploring all kinds of software. I work with many different technology stacks on the web including PHP, ASP.NET, Rails, Node.js and Meteor. I am big fan of the text editor Vim. I like to read and write when I have some spare time.


senior developer

I'm an electronics engineer and software developer with extensive experience in C/C++, Python and Django, PHP, HTML5 technologies, and with general Linux and Ubuntu based customizations, Chromium customizations, digital signage, complex build systems, 2D game engine development. I'm also a SDL contributor and I'm developing a Python based 2D game engine in my spare time.



My skills as a designer, front-end developer, and photographer provide an expansion of what we have to offer here at 2wav. Knowledge of design principles, and experience in HTML/CSS, Javascript, Photoshop, Illustrator, and After Effects can be combined for powerful results—allowing clients to dream bigger.



I'm a manager and consultant with a background in the performing arts and academia, comfortable working with colleagues of diverse backgrounds and technical ability. My work focuses on identifying human and technical solutions for both our clients and in-house. In my less-serious life, I can often be found playing Dungeons & Dragons or Magic: the Gathering.



I do software—whether that software is the hypervisor that sits on your bare metal server, shell scripts to manage that server, an open source application that helps to manage a team, or custom code developed from scratch. I currently specialise in DevOps, which harnesses my development skills to solve infrastructure operations problems. When I’m not code bending, I can be found under some weights in the gym, dancing salsa, or reading a science fiction novel.

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